Thursday, 30 April 2009

On Leaving and Safe Arrivals

Last night I left a job that I'd enjoyed for two years, and a bunch of people of whom I'd become rather fond. Which is not unusual and is something that many of us have to do sometime or other.

There was the inevitable leaving party (mercifully shared with another colleague leaving and 7 suffering the ravages of anno domini having recently celebrated birthdays) and cakes were cut, presents opened and kind words liberally sprinkled about. I had planned what I was going to say, the gentle revelation of some of my colleagues eccentricities. But a high-octane gab-fest seemed inapproprate on this occasion so I cut things short.

I left weighed-down by generous and kindly gifts but more by thoughts, memories and half-formed regrets. But, I don't want to start these blogs in eeyorish gloom! It's a bright sunny morning down here in the country with little lambs (chops on the hoof!) gambolling around and rooks doing what rooks do (and doing it extraordinarily noisily).

So, having made a start, let me stop here begin again another day.